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Hello, I'm Bryan!

I'm a designer and artist at Stanford aiming to create meaningful and inclusive experiences. My work is driven by my curiosity to learn about what connects and inspires people. Here are some of my designs!

Ping  UI/UX Design, User Research, Mobile

Pangolook  Visual Design, Web

I designed a social app to discuss and discover Southeast Asian films and tv shows, which are often overlooked. Users can look for what to watch as well as log, curate collections about, and share their opinions on what they've watched with other enthusiasts.

Print Design

I created these posters for events held by campus museums Anderson Collection and Cantor Arts Center and a play (School Girls) by a theater group I am a part of. I made the cover art for Stanford Education Society's IgnitED journal and non-profit SFFilm's zine for independent voices in film.

The SEA Exchange  Identity, Program Guide, and Social Media