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Hi, I'm Bryan!

I grew up turning existential reflections into art, binging animated movies, and working backstage in the theater.

All three made me realize that design and storytelling go hand in hand. It excites me to think about what people want and find the most impactful ways to make them smile.

My design is audience-centered
. I strive to craft creative solutions to challenging problems that can uplift the communities I am a part of. Right now, I’m developing those skills through my studies in Design and Art Practice at Stanford.

Diversity is central to everything I do. My experiences living in California, Singapore, and Indonesia make me hungry to learn about what inspires connection between people from all sorts of backgrounds, especially those that are underrepresented.


Previously, I produced a case study about how we can better incorporate intersectionality in video game design.

Currently, I design for an online program for Southeast Asian students who often lack the opportunity to deeply engage with important affairs within the region.

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In my free time, you can find me teaching and performing for second graders or geeking out about the latest figure skating competition with my friends!

Reach out to chat about... anything really! I love meeting new people.

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