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Forest Reverie

Open your eyes... if you are lucky, glimpse a lake spirit caress a fawn child’s head to take away their pain, or a curious river nymph frolic in the waters of the magic stream. This is the Forest Reverie, a healing space situated between mother nature and the digital world. Sleep tight.

Visions of Separation

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the already overwhelming college experience. Nationwide, teenagers are thrust into a whirlwind of aimlessness, self-doubt, and loneliness. As students adjust to in-person campus life, many struggle to find their bearings again. 


This series takes inspiration from the turmoil that college students internalize in response to their new reality. While they long for human connection, they also feel empty and lost. I photographed dorm windows as metaphors of peering into students' inner selves—the vulnerable emotions they show to no one else. Juxtaposition is central to this series. Small, bright windows stick out in a sea of darkness. Colorful interiors contrast the students’ hollow postures. These reflect the isolation and lack of purpose that students feel strongly but do not know how to express.

Digital Youth

A love letter to passionate yet high-strung and jaded Generation Z, this series focuses on youth’s struggles to find meaning in today’s online world. The fickleness of online dating betrays the need for deeper connection. Social media encourages merciless curation of the self. There’s a constant rush to get to the finish line while "you still have your youth". How does one make time for meaning? Desaturated close-up images of suffocation interweave with carefully-staged vibrant photographs of deadpan teenagers. This represents suppressing emotions under a composed facade. A sinister red clock in the center seems to hurry these teenagers—they do not have enough time. Lastly, the motif of plastic encapsulates how artificial and stagnant this all feels.